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Friday, February 26, 2010

Maverick's Mommy's 1st Giveaway!

Maverick's Mommy is having her very 1st giveaway. In honor of her puppy Maverick, a deck of Maverick brand playing cards and the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.
Check out her blog to enter. Just remember to enter by March 13th!

  Sarah's Blog of Fun is giving away lotion from Bath and Body Works, so check out her blog!
Giveaway also ends March 13! 

I recently joined Swagbucks. You can receive points just by searching the web through their website. Then you can redeem the points for prizes and gift cards.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Miss You, C.M. Punk. Come Be A Fan Favorite Again

I've been looking up wrestling a lot online lately. And it reminded me of how much I loved C.M. Punk when I was first introduced to him on the WWE. Don't get me wrong, I do actually like the whole straight edge, saving the audience storyline. I like that he acts like he's Jesus and shaves peoples heads. But I really do miss the C.M. Punk of old. And I've also gotten a new appreciation for him. I saw some old videos and I'm really impressed by his skills. I never really gave much thought to how many moves were censored on the WWE. Punk's Pepsi Plunge, which was basically a pedigree off the top rope, can't be seen because of Triple H's finishing move. I've also seen Punk do the Miz's finisher, and I'm really quite impressed.

Check out this video on youtube, it shows some of his best moves. There's a lot more to him then the Go to sleep and the Anaconda vice. I especially like the title of the move Welcome to Chicago, Motherf**er. This Pepsi Plunge is also worth checking out.

WWE NXT Starts Tonight!

The WWE's new show NXT debuts tonight. It's a new reality style wrestling show, in which 8 superstars mentor 8 rookies. Originally the 8 superstars were Chris Jericho, MVP, the Miz, C.M. Punk, Christian, R-Truth, Carlito, and Matt Hardy. Today I learned they have replaced MVP with William Regal. I can only assume they have bigger and better plans for MVP then beeing on the new show.
Facts I'm learning about the show...

  • David Otunga (paired with R-Truth) is engaged to Jennifer Hudson and is her baby daddy too.
  • Daniel Bryan (paired with the Miz) has been wrestling for ten years under the name Bryan Danielson. He was also trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal.
  • The pairs will be divided into two teams, called the heels and the faces. 
  • David Otunga was also known as Punk on I Love New York 2
  • The rookies all come from Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW)
  • The winning rookie will receive a WWE contract
  • The show is supposed to be a cross breed of live wrestling and reality tv
  • Bryan Danielson is also known as the American Dragon and has wrestled with John Cena, C.M. Punk, and Ted DiBiase

It should be interesting to see what happens. You can check out youtube for videos of the rookies in action.

John Cena vs Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson makes C.M Punk tap out
Bryan Danielson on ROH

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weight Watchers

So, I just started Weight Watchers last week. It's been going very well. I've only had to deny myself a little bit of what I wanted. But I'm still eating chocolate, drinking beer and I've lost like two pounds already. Weight Watchers makes it so easy for you. They give you a starter set that includes a complete food guide, which lists just about anything you might want to eat. It also includes a book for dining out. You can find all your favorite restaurants in there. I'm especially surprised by what I can eat at Taco Bell and Subway and still fit into my plan.

Weight Watchers also sells all kinds of snacks and goodies that are only a point or two per item. I bought carrot cake and brownies. The carrot cake is delicious. The brownie was alright, but it had that fake chocolate flavor too. I have a box of truffles that I received for Valentines Day that I like to keep around. It's two points per truffle, but it's awesome when you're craving chocolate.

The cook books you can get for Weight Watchers are impressive also. They have ones that you can fix quickly, skillet meals, books for foods you crave, like french fries.

I'm also learning how to revamp my food. The other day was my fiance's birthday and I wanted to make him a cake. Now cake is not exactly ideal for anyone on a diet, but there are ways to make it just a little better. If you substitute apple sauce for the oil, you'll save yourself a point. And it still tastes moist and delicious. You should also get rid of the frosting. Putting a dab of cool whip on top is a good way to trick yourself into believing it's frosted. You can even flavor the cool whip with vanilla extract or any flavor you like. I want to try adding a little creme de menthe and see how that tastes.

I'm still very excited about the point system, going into week two. I guess we'll have to wait to see how my results turn out.

Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes

Weight Watchers Granola Bites Whitman's Candies 3 Flavor Assortment

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is Buster, my first born poodle child. He's a little over three now. He's the big boss in the house, my second in command, and the reason I call myself bustermama.

My First Blog

This is my little boy, PeeWee. He is just over a year old now and very, very adorable and energetic.